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Opportunity Schools

OpportunitiesWe know that not all students learn and process information in the same way. Yet we’re committed to make quality Christian education available to all who seek it. We want you to know we’ve established a partnership with Opportunity Schools to help us help our students with learning challenges unlock their hidden potential and achieve academic success.

Opportunity Schools is an organization that trains a resource teacher who is part of our staff to work with small groups of students. Opportunity Schools provides professional training, consultation, and on-going site support for the implementation of The Opportunity Program model.
Students with learning challenges or disabilities often experience frustration and failure with traditional classroom expectations and instruction. The Opportunity Program provides these students with research-based, multi-sensory instruction in a supportive environment. The Opportunity Program emphasizes a student’s natural strengths and abilities while addressing areas of academic deficit.
The Opportunity Program is a pull-out program that provides Language Arts and Mathematics instruction in small groups. In addition, Opportunity students receive mainstream support from the Opportunity staff that may include pre-teaching, skill and concept reinforcement, and appropriate accommodation plan.
The Opportunity student is one who is enrolled in a traditional classroom but due to learning challenges, needs additional instruction and support to achieve success. This includes students with visual or auditory processing deficits, dyslexia, specific language disabilities, ADHD, High-functioning Autism or Aspergers Syndrome, or students who have simply fallen behind and need intensive help to catch up.
The Opportunity Program works. Many students at other Christian schools have significantly improved their academic abilities and have experiences success in school. Parent evaluations indicate that the Program has helped improve their children’s confidence in learning and is a fun and safe place to learn.
We assess students for whom this may fit early in the summer. Teachers in current grade levels have been asked for student recommendations. If you would like to talk further or believe your child will benefit from such services, please let us know. There will be a nominal charge to supplement the cost of this program.

If you’d like to check The Opportunity Program out further, they have more information available at There is a video clip and information from other satellite schools that may be of interest. 


CLICK HERE if you would like someone to contact you about this exciting program for your child.